Student Alumni Association

Who Are We?

The Student Alumni Association, or SAA, is a student organization that acts as a liaison between current and future students, alumni and donors. This philanthropic group is dedicated to creating networking and professional development opportunities with alumni through our programs, events and meetings. Members are not only encouraged to connect with alumni but they look forward to it through the multitude of events and programs that the organization coordinates and participates in.

SAA consists of students from each undergraduate class with members from all different types of backgrounds, majors and interests who come together for one common goal: to network with alumni while continuing to make Heidelberg feel like home. With the motto, Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow, members strive to build on the Heidelberg experience while making everyone feel welcomed as they hope to feel when they return as alumni. Once a semester, a few members attend an Alumni Council meeting in order to further engage the alumni, offer student insight and develop a greater understanding of what the alumni provide for this university.

Main Events

The Student Alumni Association hosts and participates in a range of events throughout the school year. Some of the annual and main events are:


This event provides a fun weekend for alumni and students to get connected. There is a range of events in which SAA participates to maintain a smooth-sailing, fun-filled weekend of catching up with friends at reunions and anniversaries, cheering on the Student Princes at the football game, touring the campus and new or renovated buildings and much more. There are also different activities for children, including face painting, themed crafts and a photo booth. The focus of SAA members is to assure that this weekend runs as smoothly as possible for everyone involved so they have the greatest experience possible.


The Patricia Adams Lecture Series celebrated its 10-year anniversary in October 2019. This program invites empowering and innovative women to Heidelberg’s campus to host two sessions and a keynote dinner presentation during which SAA members manage the check-in process and provide golf-cart escorts for both the speaker and those who are attending the dinner. SAA members are also strategically placed at dinner tables to provide opportunities for networking. Students, alumni and community members are all invited to attend and in doing so, are offered an experience of vision, encouraging words from pre-eminent women, and of course, delicious food.

Families and Fellows

This event is held every fall and brings together two key parts of the Heidelberg community: families of current students and members of our Fellows Organization. This is a fun event for SAA members as they are able to connect their own families to campus while also running the event. Members help with registration, provide hosting assistance, and some can even be seen participating in the athletic competitions, band and theatre throughout the weekend. This is another great opportunity for students to expand their networking skills all while catching up with their family.


TAG (Thank A Giver) Day is held every February in honor of National Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, giving students an opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to our alumni, donors and those who continue to make this campus a better place for all. SAA “tags” various locations on campus to indicate the many ways donors contributed to making them possible. TAG Day focuses on informing current students about why they have the opportunities they do as well as expressing a great thank-you to donors, friends and alumni. Postcards are also signed by students with their own personal message communicating their gratitude to donors. SAA strives to focus this event on thanking those who have helped this campus grow, develop and thrive.

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