Religious Life

Religious Life provides opportunities for spiritual growth, community-building, exploration of diverse faith traditions, advocacy for just communities, and civic engagement for students through worship, pastoral care, educational programs, sacred spaces, lobbying efforts, and involvement with student and religious organizations.

Sacred Spaces

We have Four designated sacred spaces: Rickly Chapel in University Hall seats 600 people; Herbster Chapel in Pfleiderer Hall seats 100 people; The upper floor of the Ubuntu House and the Dorothy Castanien Parsell Quiet Room in Campus Center is for private prayer and reflection.

Worship Services

  • Matters of Faith is weekly music and message event at noon every Thursday in Herbster Chapel with guest speakers, students, staff, faculty.  
  • Campus Fellowship has a student-led Christian Worship service on Monday nights in Campus Center Great Hall.
  • Catholic Newman Club sponsors a monthly Mass on Sunday nights in Herbster Chapel.

UCC Affiliation

Heidelberg University is proud to be one of seventeen colleges and universities historically affiliated with the United Church of Christ. Founded in 1850, by German Reformed Church – a denomination which would later become part of the United Church of Christ, Heidelberg University from its inception has highlighted the importance of faith and faith exploration among its student body. Heidelberg University has through its years revered Reformed theology, and has tried to live out the Reformed axiom “in necessary things: unity; in doubtful things: liberty; in all things: charity.”

Simply put, Heidelberg University has traditionally aligned our values and our vision with the values and vision of the United Church of Christ. We are dedicated to deepening our faith through acts of social justice, meaningful worship, times of personal reflection and study, and engagement of people of diverse backgrounds. It means Heidelberg University is open and welcoming to people of all faiths – including people of no faith. It means that Heidelberg University encourages the wider campus (including students, faculty, and staff) to examine their values and wrestle with difficult questions. It means Heidelberg University affirms the importance of our spiritual walk as part of the basis for living a life of purpose with distinction.

Student Groups


CRU is a place for students and staff to come together for fun and Christian support. A fellowship affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ, Campus Fellowship holds weekly meetings for students to come together and learn about the Gospel. Campus Fellowship members work to grow both as a community and as individuals in faith. Bible studies are also held Thursday nights for women and Friday daytime for men.


Catholic Newman Club is a student organization affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Newman members meet every Tuesday to discuss current and future projects. They also incorporate prayer and discussions of faith in their meetings. A monthly mass is held in Herbster Chapel on Sunday nights.


The Cultural and Spiritual Club is open to students of all faiths as well as those questioning faith. The group plans opportunities for the campus community to gather for exploring, deepening, nurturing, and practicing our spiritual traditions. The Cultural and Spiritual Club sponsors service trips, fellowship activities, and religious speakers.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a Christian support group for students involved in 'Berg Athletics. This group is open to all athletes - male and female. The group meets for Bible Study, prayer, and fellowship Wednesday evenings.


Berg UCC welcomes students from any religious background and focuses on progressive values. The group works for service, social transformation, and spiritual development together in various ways. As an open and affirming group in the United Church of Christ, the aim is to include all persons with all sorts of perspectives and from all walks of life, especially those from historically underrepresented groups including those across all spectrums of sexual orientation and gender identities, those of many ethnic backgrounds, and those of differing abilities.

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