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In 1974, the Water Quality Laboratory initiated a program of detailed sample collection and analyses for a set of Lake Erie tributaries as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Lake Erie Wastewater Management Study. The objective of the study was to determine the total quantities (loads) of nutrients and suspended sediments moving from watersheds through major tributaries and into Lake Erie. That program has expanded to become the major research and monitoring focus of what is now the National Center for Water Quality Research (NCWQR) at Heidelberg University. It represents the most detailed and long-term program of its type in the United States and serves multiple roles in nonpoint pollution research, education, modeling, and adaptive management.

Data and Analysis Template Files

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  1. Downloading Excel files

    Recommendation: Each river file is updated on a quarterly basis. In addition to the latest data being added, corrections to historic data may also have been made. Therefore, it is recommended the most recent river file be used. Though most corrections are to single dates, some may cover a greater period of record (e.g., data in the SciotoData file between May 18th, 2004 and February 10th, 2005 was removed as it was found to be from a different river, and the station was offline during this timeframe.)

    Warning: Do not change the names of any of the RiverData (e.g., CuyahogaData) files or the AnalysisMonthlyv6 file. If you change the file names, the macros that run the file will not operate. Also, the RiverData files and the AnalysisMonthlyv6 file should be placed in the same folder.

    Warning: You will have to use the Enable Macros setting on your computer to use the AnalysisMonthlyv6 program. You may have to adjust the Macro setting on your computer to be able to download the AnalyisMonthlyv5 program.

  2. Directions for use of Analysis Template v3 (also applicable for AnalysisMonthlyv6)
  3. Download RiverData files and AnalysisMonthlyv6.
    a. AnalysisMonthlyv6


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