Strong leadership and visionary thinking help Heidelberg remain strong. The Senior Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees sets strategic direction for the institution and supports our passion for academic excellence and student success.

Senior Leadership Team

Robert H. Huntington, EdD

Chris Abrams, EdD
Dean of Student Affairs

M. Doug Kellar, MBA
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Phil Ness, BA
Vice President for University Advancement and Marketing

Hoa Nguyen, MBA
Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs

Margaret C. Rudolph, MLHR
Chief Human Resources Officer/Title IX Coordinator

Beth M. Schwartz, PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Monica T. Verhoff, BBA
Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Marsha S. Bordner, BA, MA, PhD
Chad Breeden, BA, MS, MPA
Gary L. Bryenton, AB, JD
Carol Cartwright, BS, MEd, PhD
Charles C. Cole
Lynn Detterman, BS
Gary D. Duncan, BA, MDiv
Ernest Estep, BS, MD
Mitch Felton, BA
Kathleen Geier, BA, Chair of the Board
Karen L. Gillmor, BA, MA, PhD
Andrew H. Kalnow, BA, MBA
Kris Klepper, BS
John N. Kratz, BA
William E. Landess, BA
Sondra Libman, BA, MA
Beth Long-Higgins, BA, MDiv
Steven Marin, BA, MS
Jerilyn Medrea, BS, MA
Kim Newman, MA
Richard Odell, BM, MA, Vice Chair of the Board
R. James Orr, BA, JD, LLM
Terry W. Owen, BA, MA, PhD
Anthony J. Paradiso, BS
Elizabeth Smith, BA, JD
Victor Strimbu, BA, JD
Ralph Talmage, BS
Susan C. Wolf, BA, PhD, MD
Wade E. Young, BS, MD

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