Emma Brockwell

Emma Brockwell

Class of 2020

Psychology Major

Becoming Independent

My great-uncle worked here as the dean for several years in the ’70s, and recommended the school to me, saying that it was quiet and the professors worked well with the students. It was between Heidelberg and Hanover, both of which were small schools in small towns. It was a tough decision, but I decided to go farther away from home so I could have more independence.

Sharing the Arts

The Theatre Department here is flourishing, which I am really excited about! Most recently I was in The Diary of Anne Frank, and this semester I will be in Sister Act. My favorite memory has to be performing as Anne in Anne Frank for a group of middle schoolers. It’s a very serious play, but they still found the humor and fun in it, which is difficult to convey, especially when dealing with that kind of material. Knowing that they saw Anne’s life as dynamic and complex made me feel like I had accomplished my goal as an actor.

Work/Life Balance

I’m in a Greek group called the Euglossian Society. We are one of the oldest groups on campus, and the only co-ed one. I enjoy spending time with my brothers and sisters in the society, and working on projects with them. Every weekend, I play Dungeons and Dragons with a group of my friends, which is always really fun. Other than that, I mainly focus on my studies.

Room for Growth

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with anxiety. It's difficult for me to ask for help or let someone know if I have a problem. However, the Heidelberg professors and staff are very understanding, and work with me so I can complete my classes. Because of this, its become easier for me to ask for help when I need it, allowing me to excel in my courses. There are still days I have problems and anxiety, but being at Heidelberg has helped me grow.

Making a Difference

I hope to work in a children's psychiatric facility as a therapist or psychologist. I want to help kids with problems that I have struggled with in the past, and hopefully make their lives better. I’d like to live in Cincinnati, or just outside of it, so I have access to the city. I want to work with local theatres in my spare time, especially the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. Beyond that, I don’t know how my life will turn out. I can only hope that I am successful, and that I make a small difference in the world.

Fun Facts

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Favorite class at Heidelberg: Abnormal Psychology
Favorite ice cream flavor: Dark raspberry chocolate chip
Favorite Actor/Actress: Sally Hawkins
Favorite tv show/movie: The Shape of Water
Role model: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Favorite book: The Hobbit
What can’t you live without: My bunny, Ophelia
Single best day on the calendar: Halloween. Free candy. What more do you want?

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