Megan Gwirtz

Megan Gwirtz

Class of 2020

Music Education Major

​A Sense of Belonging

From my first visit on campus I knew this was where I belonged. Everyone here wanted to really get to know me, they truly cared. Along with that, the campus is so beautiful and I love how small it is. It is such a close-knit piece of the world that I am so glad I found because I don’t know where I would be without Heidelberg.

Supportive Community

The community of Heidelberg is one of the best experiences of my life. It makes my day to be able to walk to class and say “hi” to dozens of people. I love knowing that if I need help or support I will always have friends and faculty by my side to cheer me on during a performance or to help me in the classroom.

Just Getting Started

Being a part of the growing School of Music & Theatre is an experience I can find nowhere else. I have had so many opportunities to grow as a musician, teacher, and person through the School of Music & Theatre that if I had gone to any other university I would probably never receive. The faculty in Brenneman (Hall) are so supportive and always finds as many opportunities for all of the students to succeed and grow as possible. I have done so much in my short time here and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next 2.5 years on campus.

An Evolving Marching Band

One of the things I will remember most is growing the Marching Band from nothing. Knowing that I am a part of such a ground-breaking and spirited group on campus brings joy to my heart and I know that the music traditions I am forming will stay for decades to come. The School of Music & Theatre is such a vital part of my Heidelberg experience and I am so glad I get so many opportunities to grow with the program.

Getting the Full Experience

Where do I begin?! Each and every ensemble and event I participate in is truly a blast because I get to do it with my friends and it helps me grow into the teacher I will soon be. Over the summer I had the opportunity to be the lead counselor at the first ever Heidelberg School of Music & Theatre Camp and it was wonderful being able to mentor students/campers for a whole week. At the end of the week we had put together an entire musical as well as ensemble concerts and I cannot wait to do this again next year because it was something only Heidelberg can give me. Also getting the opportunities to travel with the Concert Choir is phenomenal because I love having the ability to travel around the nation while sharing our gift of music.

Get Involved!

My best word of advice for new students is to get involved on campus. It is the best way to meet new friends outside of your major and it gives you plenty of opportunities to have fun with people who all share the same values. For example, I joined the Delts last spring and ever since then I have found a great, loving new support system. The Delts give me an opportunity to break away from all of my school work and just have fun and without that I would probably go crazy! No matter what you find on campus - Greek life, clubs, sports …  ANYTHING - there is definitely a place you can call home.

Fun Facts

Hometown: Crestline, OH
Began Playing Instruments: Piano at age 6, Trumpet at age 10
Favorite music artists: Rascal Flatts and Kenny Chesney … Favorite genre - Country Music
Campus Involvements: Delta Sigma Chi Women’s Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Concert Choir (Secretary), Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band
Favorite campus events: Greek Sing, musicals, concerts
Post-graduation plans: I want to be a high school/middle school band and/or choir director in a rural northern Ohio school.

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