Victor Choo

Victor Choo

Class of 2017

Computer Science Major

Keeping Up in the City

Growing up in the capital (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) was very stressful because I had to plan ahead of time if I needed to go somewhere. The traffic is bad and there are just so many cars and people on the streets. Everything seems to move at a faster pace. Also, there are lots of food, shopping malls and cafes to choose from. Sometimes, finding a place to eat can be a problem but I do miss everything being open 24/7. Everything moves so fast. You really need to catch up with the pace or you will be left behind.

Small Town Experience

I chose to come to Heidelberg because of the small campus and the admission counselor that was in touch with me at the time. She was really helpful as we communicated through Skype and email, just like the testimonies on the website. I really wanted to experience living in a small town. Back in Malaysia, most of the time professors don't even know our names and don’t really care about their students because there are just too many in a class. People at Heidelberg are indeed very friendly and give me a family feel.

Personal Touch

My favorite part of the community here is that everyone knows each other and it’s very inclusive. I remember when President (Rob) Huntington greeted me by my name I was shooketh because that is something I would never experience back in Malaysia.

Computer Science Major

I chose to pursue a computer science degree because it is a field that changes very quickly. After I graduate, I hope to be a teacher and inspire more people to join as it is such fast-growing field. I know many people when they think of computer science they immediately think of programming and math, but there is so much more in computer science than programming and math.

Adapting by Involving

I’m a member of Rho Eta Delta, the German Club, Computer and Technology Club, World Student Union and Berg UCC. I choose to be involved on campus because I really want to learn about the American culture and make friends. By doing so, I have met some of the nicest people here.

Experience the Diversity

My advice to students who are coming from another country is just be involved and don’t be afraid to start a conversation with people on campus. Come with an open mind and enjoy the experience. You don’t need to hang around people from your country because you get to experience all the diversity and multiculturalism.

Fun Facts

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Favorite place in Tiffin: Bailiwick’s, Asian Grill, Golden Crown
Dream home location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Hobbies: Napping and spending time with friends.
Favorite campus events: International Coffee Hour, Rho Thursday, Pitchers with Professors, Bingo
Favorite Class: My favorite class would be Literature by Women taught by Dr. Emily Isaacson. It was my first English literature class and I learned so much from her. She also inspires me to be a future computer science teacher because I know many people when they think/hear of computer science, they got so afraid of the subject just like how I was before taking a literature class.

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