Chem Club brings home national award

While attending the American Chemical Society Meeting is an annual tradition for Heidelberg, so too is bringing home national awards.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, in conjunction with the Chemistry Club, attended the ACS meeting in San Francisco, California, the week of April 2nd. Drs. Nate Beres and Aaron Roerdink, along with students Ali Bauer, Dani Blum, Matt Cooper, Katie Iwanek, Kiera Malone, Allison Perry, Judy Smith and Melissa Ware, made the cross-country trip to attend.

The Chem Club was recognized at the National ACS Awards Ceremony with an Outstanding Award -- the highest award given by the ACS. Heidelberg was the only private university in Ohio to be honored, receiving the award for the second year in a row. The group also received the Green Chemistry Award, given for their commitment in spreading awareness about green chemistry.

“Green chemistry is taking things that we already do and adapting them to better serve our planet,” senior Ali Bauer explained during their presentation. The group of eight students presented and discussed their experience at the meeting and in San Francisco to students, faculty and staff on Tuesday.

The students participated in the Chemical Demonstration Exchange, where selected schools bring a demonstration with them to present which represents a chemical principle using only household chemicals. Only 30 student chapters were selected to participate along with Heidelberg. Ali, Dani, Kiera, Allison and Melissa were also selected to present their research at the meeting.

Dr. Beres was also recognized for serving as an advisor to a student chapter and for being a reviewer of annual chapter reports.

While in San Francisco, the group connected with Heidelberg alumna Lucy Janjigian, ‘55. Lucy, a successful artist, majored in biology during her time at Heidelberg and offered students hospitality and stories of her journey coming to the United States from Palestine. “It’s nice to be able to connect with alumni who are so successful,” Kiera said. “It shows us we’re capable of doing the same.”

The students gained valuable experience in their field during the annual meeting. Among others, this was Ali’s fourth and final conference with Heidelberg. “These conferences are my favorite part of the Heidelberg experience. Hands down, no question.”

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